Cost of treatment?
The initial cost for treatment is $93. The cost for any follow up treatment is $83.

How long are appointments?
Appointments are scheduled for thirty minutes.

Who will provide my treatment?
Assessment and treatment will only be provided by a registered physiotherapist,
in a one-on-one consultation.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?
Please bring a copy of any correspondence or referrals from your doctors or other health professionals regarding your condition. Also, please bring any x-rays, CAT scans or MRI scans and reports that you have had relating to your injury or area of concern.

Please bring copies of insurance details if you are covered by an insurance or compensation scheme and/or your private health insurance card or Medicare card, where appropriate.

Comfortable clothing or appropriate footwear e.g. sports shoes is appropriate. We also provide shorts or gowns for treatment.

Can I claim from my private health insurance fund using HICAPS at our office?
Yes, if you have a current private health insurance policy that provides cover for physiotherapy treatment, you will be able to claim the rebate from your health fund using the HICAPS claiming system. You will need to bring your health fund membership card each time you receive treatment to claim under the HICAPS system. The health fund will pay the rebate direct to us and then you will be required to pay the difference between the rebate and our fee.

Most funds will only allow you to claim using the HICAPS system on the day of treatment. If you are unable to bring your health fund card on the day of treatment, you will need to pay the full fee and then claim separately from your health fund.

Do I need a referral from a Doctor to see a physiotherapist?
No, generally speaking, you will not require a referral to see one of our physiotherapists. If you are seeking treatment under one of the compensation schemes such as the SIRA NSW WorkCover Scheme or the Motor Accidents Scheme (for third party claims) you may need to see your GP to complete appropriate paperwork to accompany your claim e.g. a WorkCover certificate of Capacity.

If you are seeking treatment under Department of Veterans Affairs cover you will need to bring a referral from your GP to your first appointment. Please check with us when you make your appointment as to whether any previous referrals are still current when you make your appointment.

If your GP has decided that you are eligible to be treated under the Enhanced Primary Care Program for Management of Chronic Conditions, you must bring an Allied Health Referral Form under the EPC Scheme with you to your first appointment. We are not allowed to treat you under this Scheme without the referral form.


What happens if I can’t attend my appointment?
If you are unable to attend your appointment, please ring us as soon as possible and let us know or leave a message advising that you will be unable to attend. This enables someone else to be given your appointment time.

If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of the appointment or fail to attend at the scheduled time, you may be charged a cancellation fee equal to the cost of treatment. Please note, if you are being treated under WorkCover, DVA or any other compensation scheme, we will not be paid by the compensation scheme if you fail to attend of cancel at the last minute.

If you repeatedly fail to attend or cancel at the last minute, we will send you a cancellation fee – this cancellation fee cannot be claimed from the insurer.

Will I need to pay anything if I am seeking treatment under a compensation or insurance scheme or a Government funded program?
If you have an accepted WorkCover claim, you will not need to pay for treatment at our practice. We will bill the insurer direct. Please bring details of your insurer, claim number, a copy of your WorkCover certificate and any correspondence you have received from the insurer.

If you are eligible for treatment under the Department of Veterans Affairs Scheme, please bring your up to date referral and your gold card and we will make a claim direct to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you will be required to pay for your treatment until we receive a letter from the CTP insurer accepting liability and approving physiotherapy treatment. Once liability has been accepted and written approval for treatment is received, we will bill the CTP insurer direct.

If your GP decides you are eligible to be treated under the Enhanced Primary Care Program for Management of Chronic Conditions, you will need to pay a discounted fee to us at the time of treatment. You will then be able to claim a rebate from Medicare either at the Medicare office or, if you have a savings/cheque debit card and your Medicare card, at our office. You will incur a small out of pocket expense for each treatment.

All treatment for claims under sports injury insurance or public liability insurance must be paid for by the client. The insurer will not pay us direct for this treatment. You will be able to claim the cost of treatment from your insurer if the claim is successful.

What is your privacy policy?
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Do you recognise the Australian Charter of Healthcare rights?
Yes! Please download our policy below.
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