Appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes with one on one time with the physiotherapist. The initial cost for treatment is $93. The cost for any follow up treatments is $83.

Private health insurance:
We are able to claim from health insurance companies using the HICAPS system. Please bring your health fund card to each appointment. You will then only have to pay the difference between the health fund rebate and the cost for the appointment.

If your GP decides that you are eligible for treatment under the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program for Management of Chronic Conditions, you will need to bring a copy of the Allied Health Referral Form to your first appointment with us.

We do not bulk bill under the EPC program. You will be required to pay the usual fee ($83) and then claim from Medicare. There will be a small out of pocket expense for each treatment with us under the EPC program. We can process the Medicare claim online for you.

The rebate is then paid directly into your bank account. Please make sure you have given Medicare your bank account details.

Department of Veterans Affairs:
If you are eligible for treatment under the Department of Veterans Affairs gold card scheme, you will need to bring a current referral from your GP and your gold card or DVA number. We will bill the Department of Veteran Affairs directly for your treatment.

Treatment under insurance/compensation:
If you have made a claim under the NSW WorkCover scheme (SIRA) or other workers compensation scheme, we will bill the insurer direct for your treatment once you have confirmation of acceptance of your claim in writing.

Please bring a copy of:

the WorkCover certificate prepared by your GP,

the name and address of your employer and workers compensation insurer, and

the claim number and the name and contact details of your Claims Officer,

as soon as these become available.

If you are making a claim under sports injury or public liability insurance, you will need to pay us at the time of your treatment. You may then claim the cost of your treatment from your sports injury or public liability insurer.

You will also need to pay for treatment under a third party claim at the time of treatment and seek reimbursement from the third party insurer. Once liability has been accepted in writing by the third party insurer and treatment approved by the insurer, we will bill the insurer directly for your treatment.